This ancient mountain of Pelion, full of lush forests, traditional settlements, cobblestone paths, old churches and magnificent beaches, is a paradise for those who wish to combine their holiday with outdoor activities. Tsagarada in particular is strategically located an equal distance from the sea and the deep forest.

The AMANITA Guesthouse takes advantage of its location in Tsagarada and its proximity to a network of trails to organise a number of activities, depending on the season.


Mt Pelion is a mecca for hikers, as the proximity of the mountains and the sea and the verdant surroundings with the majestic trees and ancient paths offer a number of routes of varying difficulty suitable for all ages. The area around the AMANITA Guesthouse is ideal for trekking amid the magnificent natural environment, no matter what the season.


At the AMANITA Guesthouse, we love wild mushrooms, and we would like to introduce our guests to their secrets. We lead a mushroom hunt with a gastronomic conclusion. On theme weekends focusing on mushrooms, we will introduce you to penny buns, black porcini, parasol mushrooms, and Caesar's mushrooms, as well as the inedible varieties, or "crazy mushrooms". During these mushroom forays, we hike up the mountain Pelion and into the chestnut and beech forest to hunt around under the trees and shrubs for mushrooms so we can identify and photograph as many species as possible. We fill our baskets with the edible kinds and enjoy them back at the Guesthouse along with a glass of local wine or tsipouro (the local spirit).


From spring through autumn, Mt Pelion is full of indigenous and cultivated gastronomic treasures: tender shoots (black bryony, wild asparagus, ferns, terebinth), edible wild greens, aromatic herbs (oregano, sage), therapeutic flowers (St John's wort, elderberry), cherries, sour cherries, wild raspberries, plums, greengages, apples, pears, quince, grapes, persimmons, walnuts and chestnuts. At the AMANITA Guesthouse, Tsagarada, we jump at the chance to teach our guests about collecting and using these tasty treasures. We make sure to gather them on our treks and walks and use them as part of our breakfast fare.

Other activities in the area

Also available in Tsagarada, the surrounding the AMANITA Guesthouse and Pelion area:

  • Hikking: Hike away in Pelion‘ organizes trekking with guide.
  • Kayak:  guided sea kayak or SUP trips offers from the old port of Damouchari ‘Shakayak‘ and from Horefto beach ‘Pelion secrets‘.
  • Mountain biking: there are special routes marked out for experienced mountain bikers, such as one from Tsangarada to the chapel of Agios Athanasios, returning through the Taxiarches area.You can rent mountain bikes from ‘Bike or Hike‘.
  • Horseback riding: an experienced guide in the area, George Rigakis offers rides on horseback. Contact him  00306937511551. Horse riding excursions are provided by ‘IFOM‘ at Koropi, Milies area.
  • Wineries with wine tastingPatistis family is running an organic vineyard in the Argalasti area. To arrange a visit  in the winery call at 003024230 54353
  • Climbing: special climbing sites have been established in Mylopotamos beach and other areas.
  • Canyoning: exceptional routes through the Mylopotamos and Fakistra gorges.’Mountain Escapes‘ orginizes canyoning excursions in the area.
  • Cooking lessons: ‘Karaiskos farm‘ organises cooking lessons in Portaria. 
  • Diving: in Kalifteri beach Afyssos, ‘ZoumboSUB‘ organises diving activities.
  • Museums: the pop artist Theofilos Museum in Anakasia, the olives & olive oil Museum in Ano Gatzea, the sculpturist Nikolas Museum in Agios Georgios Neleas, the industrial Museum Tsalapata in Volos, the old radio Museum in Lafkos, the traditional oil pressing Museum Hatjiyanni in Katihori, the traditional shipyard in Pefkakia, the popular art Kitsos Makris Museum in Volos. There is also an intresting Archaeological Museum in Volos With a rich collection.
  • Archaeological sites: In Sesklo and Dimini there are prehistoric settlements.
  • The steam train: a trip with the mythical Pelion’s small steam train from Ano Lechonia to Milies and back.

Ski centre

Mt. Pelion‘s ski centre, which goes by the name of Agriolefkes, was set up in 1967. Located at an altitude of 1,471 m it lies just before Hania, a mere 35 minute drive from AMANITA Guesthouse and Tsagarada.

The centre offers three main slopes, one for beginners and one cross country ski run. There are 2 aerial one seat ski lifts, 1 aerial double seat lift and 2 sliding lifts capable of carrying 500 people an hour.

The centre’s strong points are definitely the uniquely beautiful panoramic view of the two seas (the Aegean Sea and the Pagasetic Gulf) which skiers enjoy as they ski downhill, and the fact that the snow doesn’t melt until the spring.

Facilities at the ski centre include restaurantscafés, a medical centre, an equipment hire shop and 3 parking lots.