Looking for the orchids of Pelio

During the last decade, when we walk along the paths and the forest of our favorite mountain looking for mushrooms, sprouts, herbs and forest fruit, we often cross paths with orchids, the princesses of the floral kingdom.

Orchids are very diverse; sometimes they are tall and lonely, sometimes they are short and in groups, sometimes bear flowers of many colors, sometimes bear only white or green one-colored flowers, sometimes have two or three flowers, sometimes are seen with a plethora of flowers in a bush, sometimes have bright green leaves near the ground, sometimes are bare like colorful asparagus, sometimes ….

What do the orchids, the supermodels of nature, need? It’s plain and simple: they need us to notice them and take their pictures. Love comes when looking at the photos later! Orchid, just like every jealous lover, demands for exclusivity. Taking a walk to search for and take pictures of orchids: from April till July.

Flowers at Tsagarada area

The climate of Mt Pelion is conducive to beautiful flowering plants. Both in the meadows and in the forest, one can find a multitude of flowers, many of which are endemic to the area. Many of the renowned Pelion flowers with their unique colours, many of which are only found in this area, can be seen in the local courtyards and gardens.
Among the best-known cultivated types are:

  • the hydrangeas with the large flowers and pretty colours ranging from white to cobalt blue;
  • camellias, which can grow into trees with red or white flowers;
  • gardenias with the white, sweet-smelling blooms.
  • Some of the indigenous flowers include helleboresdaffodilsorchidsirises and others.

We ensure that at the yards of AMANITA Guesthouse, we have enough of theese wonderful species of Pelion nature!