The Tsagarada area is on the Aegean coast and is fortunate to be within a short distance from some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. 

From the trendier to the more remote, they all have secrets waiting to be discovered, including small caves with their own strip of sand, small secluded bays, streams and waterfalls.


The area’s famous beach, located in Tsagarada just 5 minutes away from AMANITA Guesthouse. The beach is cut in half by a large rock but there is a natural path around it. Part of the beach is under a natural cave. Park above the beach and go down the steps to get there. There’s an on-beach bar and restaurants.


A small beach of Tsagarada with a wild beauty all of its own. Although located just a 5 minute-drive from AMANITA Guesthouse, access is a challenge. Park in the flat area above the beach and follow the path down to the shore. It’s about a 5-minute walk.


A beach with large pebbles, just 15 minutes away from AMANITA Guesthouse. Take the road from Tsagarada to Agios Ioannis and then turn right, following the signs. You can climb down to the beach along a path. There are restaurants on the beach. A scene from the famous movie ‘Mamma mia’ was filmed here.

Papa Nero

An immense sandy beach located just 15 minutes from AMANITA Guesthouse, to the right of the Agios Ioannis camping. There is parking area. Ideal for children as cars are not allowed on the beach during Summer season. There are restaurants on the beach.


A charming beach featuring a small stream and natural shade located just 20 minutes from AMANITA Guesthouse. Park to the left of the harbour at Agios Ioannis and walk along the short path to the beach. There is a bar at the far end of the beach.


A beautiful beach just 20 minutes away from AMANITA Guesthouse. The beach can be accessed via a rough road just past the village of Xourichti. During the Summer months there is open a restaurant in the beach. In part of the beach nudism is allowed.

Agii Saranta

A lovely beach with emerald water. Access from the village Makryrachi. Part of the beach is organized. There are cafeterias and restaurants.