About the book

From 2006 when AMANITA Guesthouse started its operation, we have been making efforts to reveal and creatively use the culinary culture of our area. During this journey we have collected lots of information, recipes, experiences and stories that we happily share with our guests. It was their enthusiasm about this material that inspired us to write it down. They helped us realize, that it is much more than just a bunch of recipes. It is about preserving culinary culture, paying tribute to our families’ history, looking at the ways people in the area survived and developed relying on locally available resources. We created a book with 34 stories and 64 recipes, combining past and present, mountain and sea, the vegetable and the herb garden and ending up around a table full of goodies in our courtyard – like every Greek feast does.

“The Culinary Curiosity of a Hotelier” is neither a cookbook nor a folklore book. It is our attempt to present the ‘gastronomic legends’ of Pelion through our eyes. It is a book made out of a patchwork of tradition, stories, recipes, internet searching, conversations with grannies, shared love, a mother’s wishes, memories, myths and mountain.

The writer

Filaretos was born and raised in the heart of the Thessaly plain. However, from a very young age he felt a longing for the sea. He studied Economics in Athens, worked for years as a marketing executive, but in the end he chose to become a hotelier in Tsagarada, a mushroom hunter, a forager and organic farmer. He likes to talk to his plants when he waters them and to hug trees in the forest. He enjoys talking to old women about cooking. He has been with Marianna for 37 years and they have a son, Nikos, and a daughter, Zoe. Lately he has been feeling that he has more doubts than certainties. Nevertheless, he keeps planting trees.

How to buy the book

The book’s price is 10 euros plus shipping cost (for Greece is 3 euro, for the rest of Europe is 5 euro and overseas 8 euro)

You can buy it either by credit card or by paypal payment. Please contact us at